APAGear II Archives Volume 2, Number 5 June, 2000


Carlos Van Der Rama

Bernard David

Carlos Van Der Rama was born on the year TN 1893 in the Northern Lights Confederacy, Kenema. He was the son of the wealthy engineering firm mogul, Sanz Van Der Rama. Like any other Terran Novan youths, he was fascinated by Heavy Gears, big guns and BIG WEAPONS !

At age of 20 cycles, he was already honing his seemingly born-into-this-world combat instincts. He could strip an antique Terran built M-16 rifle blindfolded, able shoot straight after running a heart stopping 1.2km obstacle course. Everyday after school, Carlos would go to his favorite arcade center, strap on a nearly 4 kg sensor web plus a simulator rifle to play "Shell-Shocked".

This holographic game is capable of simulating the worst battlefield known to history of mankind. From the mud filled trenched of World War I to the bone freezing tundra of the second Ice Age, coupled with near realistic gunfire and artillery strikes. That was game Carlos loved to play from adolescent to adulthood. Gunfire, artillery strikes was music to his ears while all other players cowered with fears from the seemingly real explosion and endless stuttering noise of rifles. He was the "magnetic soldier" that always led the charge to take the game's objective.

Coupled with his quest of knowledge, he was a mix of muscle and brains in a city of technological knowledge. Carlos grew up with a soldier's build. His dad was proud of him and wanted him to succeed in his business. But Carlos' mind was with the military. He wanted carve a career in the armed forces

He got his wish when the Norlight military started drafting young men for the War of the Alliance. Upon completion of basic training, Carlos was posted to become a communication operator in the infantry.

During the War, he served as the guy who carried the cumbersome, oversized radio set following the ranking officer going about the battlefield giving orders to various companies. Life was tough already with that 8 kilograms electronic package behind his back but coupled with an occasional artillery barrage and hails of bullets. Now that's hazardous!

Towards the end of the War, a stray bullet killed Carlos' officer. Bullets don't grow eyes, you know. :) His unit was left without a commander. Swarms of GRELs was advancing from all sides. Something had to be done before the whole lot gets wiped out. Carlos assumed command. Drawing from his game arcade experience, he made order from the chaos of the battlefield then order the men closest to the enemy to fire while the ones at the back provide support. They survived the fighting and the War.

Carlos was given the Northern Star for his valorous act at victory parade in Valeria celebrating the end of the Earth-Terra Nova War. He was also offered a place in the Northern Guard as an officer. After seeing so much death and carnage, he turned down the offer and went back to the civilian world.


AGI +2 APP +0 BLD +1 CRE +0 FIT +1
INF +0 KNO +0 PER +0 PSY -1 WIL +1
STR +1 HEA +0 STA 30 UD 7 AD 7


Skills Skills Skills Skills
Athletics 2 Dodge 2 Hand-to-Hand 2 Heavy Gear Pilot 2
Heavy Weapons 2 Intimidate 2 Melee 2 Small Arms 2
Survival 2      

NOTE: Carlos recently just learnt how to pilot Heavy Gears. Not military Gears but industrial Heavy Gears that were meant haul cargoes around. His Gunnery Skill his derived from arcade machines. Yes! He hasn't gotten over his love of games yet. Currently he's working in his dad's company as his daddy's right hand man.

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APAGear II Archives Volume 2, Number 5 June, 2000