APAGear II Archives Volume 2, Number 5 June, 2000


Leo Amthor


Janne Kemppi


Leo was born in Baltic Lake area in Earth in as only child to completely ordinary family and had a completely ordinary childhood. He was always interested from a career as a journalist and became war correspondent as soon as he learned of CEF invasion of Caprice. After a spell in regular army he applied and nmanaged to get along the invasion fleet.

Leo saw the whole War of the Alliance as journalist and after the defeat did not manage to get himself a place in retreating fleet. Thus he turned his energies to a new profession as a design engineer in telecommunications sector.


Leo is a full-time engineer in a large telecommunications company. He is working often with Korps fixing and rebuilding communications systems for various corporate clients in Port Arthur.

His second, less published field, is journalism. He has interest towards world affairs, history and writing and thus part-time writing came naturally, even after the war. Leo's real forte is digging details on various matters and he has at times helped many Port Arthurians on various reasons (usually historical details or facts). He knows a network of people who can help him find out information on his favourite subject, Colonial Expeditionary force. Leo has gotten a number of enenmies due his articles but these have been mostly irate responses than real problems.


Leo is rather reserved when meeting with people but becomes friendly exceedingly fast when he comes to that mood. He has, however, little time for fools and could lose his temper as rapidly as he regains it. He is very close friends with Aino but he prefers to keep their relation that way. Not one step more, nor one step less.

Combat Reactions

Leo has never killed anyone but has training to do it if necessary. In a fighting situation he'd work as he had been trained: goes to safe position and starts shooting enemies starting from the dangerous enemy first. He does, however, prefer to stay out of harms way, having seen and heard way too much of results of war in his youth as a war correspondent.


Plot Hooks

As an Ally

Leo Amthor has good local knowledge of Port Arthur and he can, if necessary, call for more help. This way he could be used as a local guide. He might be useful NPC due his computer skills and could be used as a programmer or even hacker.

As an Opponent

Leo has few resources on his own. He does, however, know al ot of people in Port Arthur and could lobby for those people to make PCs life tough. Such harassment would probably be personally bothering.

As a Background Resource

Leo could interview PCs or use them to gather him background information. This could then lead into all kinds of adventures when boring data gathering turns up something secret or important.

As Cavalry

Leo does not, by himself, has many resources. He does have a friend who can command more than enough help if PCs are in trouble in Port Arthur area. Aino can easily gather a pack of GRELs and hover tanks that could wipe out any rover band in Terra Nova.

As a Plot Device

Leo could be used a dupe in elaborate plan to infiltrate into Korps databases. He knows people and this could be used to. Alternatively Leo might do one interview too clever for his own safety and got himselfi nto a serious problem. This could be especially so outside Port Arthur. He could also get himself and PCs into problem when digging something up.

Vital Statistics

Age: mid-30's Height: 1.8 m Mass: 90 kg Hair Color: Blond Eye Color: Blue-Gray
Handedness: Left-handed


AGI +0 APP +0 BLD +1 CRE +2 FIT -1
INF +1 KNO +1 PER +1 PSY -1 WIL +0
STR +0 HEA -1 STA 25 UD 4 AD 4


Skills Skills Skills Skills
Business 1 Communications 2 Computer (software design*) 3 Electronic design 1
Electronics 2 History (CEF*) 2 Investigation 2 Literacy 1
Notice 1 Physical Sciences 1 Small arms 1 Teaching 1


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APAGear II Archives Volume 2, Number 5 June, 2000