APAGear II Archives Volume 2, Number 5 June, 2000


Buji Kern

Buji Kern


Born in TN 1911 in Réunion. Growing up he was fascinated with technology, but loved the outdoors at the same time. In 1934, Buji moved to Newton to attend Republican University. With a natural affinity for computers, he enrolled in their computer science program. Buji hopes to find an exciting job in the software field when he's finished with his education, which he feels is taking far too long.


Buji is a full-time student, but when he has time he uses his computer skills to make some extra money, by setting up network sites for small businesses.


Buji is usually easy-going and calm, at least when he's not unprepared for an exam. Politically he feels that individuals are better off left alone, and that most Terranovan governments take too much interest in the activities of their citizens. Living in the South, he realizes that he'll have to live with that.

Combat Reactions

Buji doesn't have any combat experience, although he has taken a few self-defense classes and shoots competitively. If faced with a violent encounter, he would first attempt to escape. If that was impossible, he would attempt to stop his attacker with unarmed techniques.


Ryand Kern (age 32, specialties: computers and electronics), his brother; Mari Kern (age 36, specialties: computers and law), his sister-in-law; Mikhail Kern (age 78; specialties: business and investing), his father; Kayte Kern (age 71; specialties: music and literature), his mother; Andy Gibson (age 45, specialties: small arms and tactics), a friend and former soldier; Kieran Hollis (age 24, specialties: computers and mathematics), a friend and classmate.

Vital Statistics

Age: 23 Cycles Height: 1.75 m Mass: 59 kg Hair Color: Dark Brown Eye Color: Hazel
Handedness: Ambidextrous


AGI +1 APP +0 BLD +0 CRE +1 FIT +1
INF +1 KNO +1 PER +0 PSY +0 WIL +0
STR +0 HEA +0 STA 25 UD 4 AD 3


Skills Skills Skills Skills
Athletics 2/+1 Computer 2/+1 Foreign Language (Eurogermanic) 1/+1 Hand-to-Hand 1/+1
Navigation (Land) 1/+1 Music 2/+1 Physical Sci. 1/+1 Small Arms 2/+1
Swimming 1/+1 Visual Art 1/+1    


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APAGear II Archives Volume 2, Number 5 June, 2000