APAGear II Archives Volume 3, Number 3 April, 2001


Stunning 3D!


Welcome to the 26th issue of APAGear, this month presented, in part in stunning 3D. Real 3D, too, not simulated 3D. Enjoy!

If you have any comments, you can post them to me, Christian Schaller. I'll pass them along to the membership. (Incidently, I won't filter for content, merely for relevence. I leave the membership's e-mail addresses out of these pages to protect them from spam.)



1. The House Organ
Words of questionable wisdom from the Distribution Manager
2. Jason English
"A Glimpse of Armageddon," Part One -- Fiction
3. Janne Kemppi
"Infantry: Force de Frappe" -- Resource
4. Buji Kern
"Tomorrow's Dreams, Today"
5. Dennis D. Kirkpatrick
"White Sands of Mercy," Part Two -- RPG/Tac Adventure
6. Bryan Lee
"Triangle Play," Side Three: Basal -- Fiction
7. Phil Lemieux
"Port Arthur Campaign Timeline" -- Campaign
8. Tom McGrenery
"Heads, Tails" -- Fiction
9. Harman Meyerhoff
"Black Talons," Part Five -- Fiction
10. Mika Peltola
"HG VOTOMS: ATM-09-ST Scopedog" -- Vehicle Design
11. Matt Slominski
"Hunter Model" -- ???

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APAGear II Archives Volume 3, Number 3 April, 2001