APAGear II Archives Volume 4, Number 5 July, 2002


The Interpolar War


Welcome to the 39th issue of APAGear! This month, we look at the Interpolar War.

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1. The House Organ
Words of questionable wisdom from the Distribution Manager
2. Jason English
Grey's Longlegs
3. Janne Kemppi
Under Darkening Skies: Roleplaying in the Era of the Interpolar War
4. Tom McGrenery
Downtown Breakout: A Skirmish-Scale Scenario for Heavy Gear
5. Harman Meyerhoff
Onyx Tide
6. Mika Peltola
Five APES and an Auto-Frame
7. Josh Peters
The Choice
8. Christian Schaller
Supply Lines: A Heavy Gear Tactical Scenario

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APAGear II Archives Volume 4, Number 5 July, 2002