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Desperate Maneuvers: Part 3

Dennis D. Kirkpatrick

Author's Note: This is the third installment in a small tactical campaign set on Utopia within the Earth-Steelgate Invasion of 475 UC. The first part is here and the second is here.

Guerrilla Heavy APES

Since UC 370, Greenway and Steelgate have repeatedly clashed over border disputes, requiring each to build up their militaries. Steelgate, coming from the mountainous north, built up a military that relied heavily on both walker and VTOL Automatons for it frontline units. Greenway, lacking the industrial and mineral resources of Steelgate, structured its army around guerrilla tactics fielding more highly skilled personnel with only a small number of Automaton forces. As the conflict continued over the following decades, it was clear that Steelgate's Automaton armies were overpowering the Greenway's largely infantry and APES-based military. Greenway needed a heavier APES suit that could go toe to toe with the heavier Automatons, while still keeping much of the same maneuverability as the Man-at-Arms Heavy APES.

In UC 446, a metallurgical subcontractor in Babylon, Darius Consolidated Industries, offered up a revolutionary solution using a bio-mechanical technique for building a stronger and more resilient APES skeletal frame. The technique involved infusing bio-engineered microbes into the forging of the APES's frame. The thermogenic microbes would form a series of interlaced strands and fuse within the frame's molecular structure if exposed to high-energy, ultraviolet light. The effect was a skeletal frame that was much stronger and more flexible, mimicking the organic characteristics of a human bone in a hard metallic alloy, even demonstrating self-healing capabilities under exposure high-energy, ultraviolet light.

Using this new manufacturing and design method, Greenway engineers were able to build an APES framework that could carry more weight and withstand greater stresses. Eventually, using the same technology for all Greenway's APES and other vehicle designs, the Grenarian State was able to use the self-healing capabilities of their machines to speed repair and shorten supply lines. Over a decade later, the other Utopian States had successfully stolen the bio-mechanical knowledge and were starting to incorporate the technology into their own machines. As for the Grenarians, this technology allowed them to finally field an even heavier APES design. Nicknamed the Guerrilla, in humorous reference to its size, bulk and battlefield role, the heavier APES assisted Greenway in holding Steelgate forces along the border, helping curtail border intrusions over a decade period.

While engineers were able to build an adequate powerplant to drive the high-torque servos and hydraulics, allowing the Guerrilla to have the same speed and jump capabilities as the Man-at-War, the sheer bulk of the machine still taxed the APES control interface, making the unit less maneuverable. Senior military staff believed this to be an acceptable shortcoming since the unit would be combating the heavier and less-maneuverable Automaton designs under escort of more maneuverable APES units. They approved the design for immediate mass production and deployment along the northern border. The only additional requirement added by the Grenarian military was that the armor be more evenly distributed to counter the machine's slower response time. Over the decades, the Guerrilla saw little improvement in its core design. Fire control systems were designed for maximum flexibility, the design having no built-in weapon systems. Instead, the Guerrilla Heavy APES relied on manipulator-held weapons and a small collection of weapon hardpoints for hand grenades, vibroknives and additional ammo clips.

Used to combat the Steelgate-Earth Invasion in UC 475, both the standard-equipped and the alternate, bazooka-equipped Guerrilla APES proved a tough challenge for the CEF in the mountainous borders between Steelgate and Greenway. Still, the Grenarian military was no match for the combined might of the CEF and Steelgate. With the capture of Greenway, their armed forces were pressed into service for the invasion of Kogland. Currently, Steelgate troops are utilizing the Guerrilla Heavy APES to supplement their own forces in the high plateaus of the Aventine Range.

Vehicle Specifications

Vehicle Specifications

                  Code Name: Guerrilla Heavy APES
            Production Code: n/a
            Production Type: Mass Production
                       Cost: 252,000 Local Currency
               Manufacturer: Darius Consolidated Industries, Babylon
                        Use: Augmented Powered Environment Suit
                     Height: 3.9 meters
                      Width: 3.4 meters
    Average Armor Thickness: 22 mm
             Armor Material: Laminated ceralloy
Standard operational weight: 2400 kg
      Primary Movement Mode: Walker (24 kph)
    Secondary Movement Mode: Jump Jets (50 meters)
           Deployment Range: 150 km
               Sensor Range: 40 hexes/2 km
       Communications Range: 200 hexes/50 km
                 Powerplant: Fuel Cells w/ Batteries
                     Output: 280 Hp

General Statistics

               Threat Value: 360
            Offensive Value: 285
            Defensive Value: 81
        Miscellaneous Value: 714
                       Size: 5
      Original Default Size: 7
           Indv. Lemon Dice: 3
                       Crew: 1
              Bonus Actions: 0


          Primary Move Mode: Walker
               Combat Speed: 2
                  Top Speed: 4
                   Maneuver: -1


                    Sensors: -1
             Communications: -1
               Fire Control: -1


               Light Damage: 11
               Heavy Damage: 22
                   Overkill: 33


Qty  Name                   Code  Arc  Ammo       
1    30mm Autocannon        MAC   F    40 shots
1    60mm G.L.              LGL   F    10 grenades
1    Chassis Reinforcement  CR    F     -
1    Vibroblade             VB    F     -
3    AP Hand Grenades       HG    F     -         


Name                   Rating  AUX
Airdroppable             -             
HEP: Desert              -     
HEP: Radiation           2                           
Improved Off-Road        -     
Improved Rear Defense    -     
Jump Jets                1     AUX
Limited Life Support     -     AUX
2 x Manipulator Arm      5             
Stealth                  1     AUX


Name                   Rating  Game Effects
Annoyance                -     Life Support built by Lowest Bidder
Exposed AUX Systems      -     
Exposed Fire Control     -                       


Name                   Rating  
Overheating            -       


Description                              TV Modifier
Add DPG (F, 30 shots)                     +2 OS
Drop MAC and LGL, Add MBZ (F, 10 shots)  -71 OS

The Scenario Proper

Somewhere in the Aventine Mountains west of Giza, a Kogland firebase is threatened by a heavy assault from CEF Scout and Strike Patrols that have broken through the base's, outer garrison patrols. A CEF Scout Patrol and a Steelgate Patrol, serving escort, have penetrated the northwestern perimeter of the base, moving along the planned evacuation route. Preparations are underway to move the firebase to a safer location, and the firebase convoy needs the route kept clear. The Kogland 203rd Highland Support Unit and the 1040th Fireman Unit are currently in position to defend the Gozer Pass and keep the route clear for the firebase personnel to make their escape.

Mission Conditions

Weather: Dust Storm
Time of Day: Morning (Early Dawn)
Base Terrain: Broken Mountainous Terrain w/ scattered dust pits
Raiding Force: CEF/Steelgate 6th and 10th Patrol, Xeno Company, 698th Battle Group "Groundhogs"
Defending Force: Kogland 203rd Highland Support Unit and the 1040th Fireman Unit
Priority Points: 2
Raider Objectives: Neutralize Defending Units and take control of Gozer Pass
Defender Objectives: Destroy all CEF forces

Specific Scenario Conditions

This battle takes place at early dawn in the high, desert mountains of the Aventine Range. There is a dust storm kicking up, creating interference from the weather. Most of the terrain is mountainous, broken ground (Rough). There are scattered areas of thick radioactive dust (Sand) in depressions. (Note: Dust pit radiation is minor enough (1/6 x 5 rads/hour) that it does not cause noticeable effect within the scope of the skirmish, but GMs can track it for RPG integrated play if desired.) There is a single, winding, roadway that courses its way through the center of the map. The roadway should have sections that are broken ground (Rough).

Begin the scenario with the Kogland forces propositioned and in hiding, prepared to ambush any hostiles that enter the area. The GM (or Kogland players) can utilize a paper map of the game table to mark the locations of their individual units. This will allow the Kogland players to place their forces in secret. Once the Kogland forces are placed, the scenario may begin. The CEF forces will receive automatic initiative for the first turn. They must choose to enter all their forces from either the Northern or Western edge of the map. As the CEF patrol is on patrol for Kogland forces, roll initiative for who can allocate their Priority Assignment first. The Kogland forces suffer a -1 on their roll due to inadequacies within their high command. All Priority Assignments (see Raids and Raiders p.36) are available to both forces. The primary objective of the Kogland force is to destroy the CEF forces at all costs, preventing the CEF from securing the pass. The primary objective of the CEF force is to capture or destroy any Kogland units in the area.

Raiders' Victory Conditions

Conditions Victory Points
Each raider escaping 2
Each raider (armor) destroyed -1
Each defender disabled and captured 2
Each defender destroyed 1

Defenders' Victory Conditions

Conditions Victory Points
Each defender escaping 2
Each defender disabled -1
Each defender captured or destroyed -2
Each raider (armor) destroyed 2
Each raider (infantry) destroyed 1

Kogland Forces

Kogland 203rd Highland Support Unit "Feint Naught"

Total Threat Value: 6116 TV

Kogland 1040th Fireman Unit "Fireflies"

Total Threat Value: 3229 TV

* All Utopian Heavy Flak and Turtleshell suits offer 10 rad/hour protection.

The 203rd and 1040th Kogland Units are a specialist duo from the 64th Company "Desert Phalanx" that share a history of being veteran experts in mountain and highland warfare within another, now-defunct Kogland Company, the 121st "Devil Dusters." With the recent Earth/Steelgate Invasion, the two Units have joined "Desert Phalanx" to protect strategic mountain assets. Meanwhile, the Kogland forces have suffered severe causalities, forcing the transfer of many veteran and elite personnel from the 1040th with other qualified troops to spread the Unit's expertise into other Kogland Units that need the skilled personnel. These changes over the past month have affected the 1040th's coherence, burdening Polemarch Kazou Luong with further tactical losses. On the other hand, the 203rd has been more fortunate, able to keep its team structure and being one of the few remaining Kogland Units still fielding highly-experienced Automatons.

CEF/Steelgate Forces

Steelgate 6th Patrol, Xeno Company, 698th Battle Group "Groundhogs"

Total Threat Value: 4212 TV

CEF 10th Patrol, Xeno Company, 698th Battle Group "Groundhogs"

Total Threat Value: 5193 TV

* May use Bazooka-equipped Guerrillas; adjust TV values appropriately.

Xeno Company within 698th Battle Group "Groundhogs" is a combined Steelgate and GREL-only Company. Both the 6th and 10th Patrols serve as forward detachments, moving into an area ahead of support forces, suppressing enemy opposition and securing the location for advancing of rear support Patrols. A veteran Jan-class GREL, Soldier Salman 6792, commands the 10th. While, elite APES pilot, Command Lancer Jaane Tomas, commands the 6th. Both commanders have recently formed an intimate relationship over the last two months. The Steelgate officer, a woman easily intoxicated by the adrenaline rush of battle, finds the programmed simplicity of the Jan-class GREL's passion for combat sensually appealing and is slowly falling in love with the GREL commander. As for Salman 6792, the sexual relationship only serves as a personal experiment into human intimacy and emotion. He hopes that by studying the vulnerabilities and strengths of human emotion; he will improve his command potential with other human officers.

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