Tables of Organization and Equipment of
The 23rd Armored Cavalry Regiment -
The Hong Kong Crusaders

Effective 1 Winter TN 1941

Commanding Officer: COL Danielle Gibson
Executive Officer: LTC Stephen Brooks
Regimental Command Sergeant Major: SGTMJR Tatiana Mikhailova

First Armored Cavalry Squadron "Blue Sabres"

Commander, 1st Arm Cav Sqdn: LTC Stephen Brooks

Third Armored Cavalry Squadron "Red Hammers"

Commander, 3rd Arm Cav Sqdn: LTC Maxwell Castiyo

Fourth Armored Cavalry Squadron "Green Knights"

Commander, 4th Arm Cav Sqdn: LTC Geoffrey Peale

Fifty-Fifth Air Cavalry Squadron "Gray Ghosts"

Commander, 55th Air Cav Sqdn: LTC Gabriel Koenig

One Hundred Eighty-Sixth Support Squadron

Commander, 186th Sprt Sqdn: LTC Lawrence Sullivan

If you look closely, the 23rd ACR is not organized like a standard armored regiment of either the Northern or Southern armies (in strength, the unit is equivalent to a Terra Novan armored brigade). Rather, the 23rd ACR is organized in the same manner as a modern U.S. Army ACR, as described in Tom Clancy's excellent book Armored Cav.

The vehicles listed here are described in detail in the vehicle writeups elsewhere on this site. Stats are available for Heavy Gear Second Edition and Silhouette CORE games.

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