Heavy Gear Tactical Air Support
Unofficial Revisions

Heavy Gear Tactical Air Support was the first supplement to describe the roles of and rules for aircraft in the Heavy Gear universe. I've loved airplanes since I was a kid, and it was great to finally be able to tear across the skies of Terra Nova in aircraft of my own design.

The Silhouette Vehicle Construction System (VCS) underwent substantial changes after Tac Air was published, though, and the Heavy Gear Second Edition Technical Manual includes different rules for designing aircraft than those presented in Tac Air. The changes to the way an aircraft's Defensive Threat Value are determined, as well as changes to how aircraft sensors and communications systems are used, substantially reduce the costs and Threat Values of given designs.

The aircraft stat blocks from Tac Air and other First Edition books were never revised to reflect the Second Edition version of the Heavy Gear VCS, so I have revised the stats in this set of Web pages. I present them for your gaming enjoyment. (Players interested in 3rd Edition or OGL stat blocks are encouraged to pick up the Heavy Gear 3rd Edition Vehicle Companion).

My thanks to Marc Vezina at Dream Pod 9 and the gang on the Heavy Gear Mailing List for their comments and suggestions.

From Northern Field Guide 2: T-626 Orca X-9 Shadowfox
From Southern Field Guide 2: T-45 Walfish LX-15 Ghost
From Tactical Air Support: B-3 Buzzard H-16 Dragonfly P-119 Eagle T-12 Goliath
G-7 Redjacket VT-56 Rock Beetle A-22 Scorpion L-45 Aspic
A-10 Azrael TS-67 Bacchus RL-5A Quetzal ST-8M Samson
HA-7 Titan HA-750 Varis Badlands Floater HS-3 Black Wind
Flea Flitter Grasshopper Sand Cobra

The material in this publication is developed from and inspired by material previously published in Northern Field Guide: Northern Vehicles 2, Southern Field Guide: Southern Vehicles 2 and Tactical Air Support: Aircraft & Aerial Warfare (all © 1996 Dream Pod 9).

The use of material from the above publications is not intended as a challenge to the copyright status of these publications. No endorsement or approval of the material in this publication from Dream Pod 9 is intended or should be inferred.

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