Northern Guard
Airborne Squadrons

Images courtesy of Dream Pod 9
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What possesses otherwise rational human beings to jump out of perfectly good aircraft in multiton metal suits? The answer may elude those who have never experienced it, but even casual observers acknowledge that many of the best Gear pilots on Terra Nova wear the badge of the 1st CNCS Airborne Division. Candidates average a thousand hours in the cockpit before they even make it to Airborne School, and only the most highly skilled pilots (or the most insane, depending on who you ask) make it through the rigorous course.

Special Abilties & Variations:
Standard Special Abilities: None
Standard Variations: Replace two Hunter Paratroopers with two Jaguars (TV: 6910)
Senior Special Abilities: Veteran Jumpers receive a +1 modifier to their Parachuting roll for landing in a specific hex (see Tactical Air Support, p. 22). (x1.05 TV)
Senior Variations: Post-War of the Alliance - Replace all with Hunter Commando with Elite pilot, Hunter Para-Mortar with Veteran pilot, 3 Hunter Paratroopers with Veteran pilots (TV: 7834)
Prime Special Abilities: Superior Jumpers - As above, but modifier is +2 (x1.1 TV)
Prime Variations: None

Airborne Squadron Composition Rules
Type Basic Requirement Upgrade Requirement
Standard None N/A
Senior N/A Standard x 2
Prime Maximum of one per regiment Senior x 4

Standard Squad (TV: 6390)

Cheetah Paratrooper Veteran

Hunter Paratrooper Veteran

Hunter Paratrooper Veteran

Hunter Paratrooper Veteran

Hunter Paratrooper Veteran

Senior Squad (TV: 10,075)
Jaguar Elite Fire Jaguar Veteran Fire Jaguar Veteran Strike Jaguar Veteran Strike Jaguar Veteran

Standard Squad (TV: 11,973)
Strike Cheetah SecComm Elite Strike Cheetah Elite Hunter Commando EW Veteran Strike Jaguar Veteran Strike Jaguar Veteran

Author's Note: As many might guess, this is developed from material that I wrote for Dream Pod 9's Southern MILICIA Army List. I invite you to pick up a copy of that publication to see how Southern airborne cadres are built.

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