Eagle Transporter Mk IV from Space: 1999

Planet of Origin: Earth
Images courtesy of Roberto Baldassari; click on image to display larger version

Size: 16 Total Actions: 2

Weapon Code Arc S M L EX Acc FC Dam Qty ROF Special Ammo
20mm Gatling autocannon LAAC F 2 4 8 16 0 0 x8 1 +6 - 400

Primary Movement: Flight 0/9/10 (300 kph) Secondary Movement: N/A (skid landing gear)
Maneuver: -1 Armor: 6 / 12 / 18

Crew: 2 (Pilot, Observer) Deployment Range: 600 km
Sensors: +1 / 2 km ground, 20 km air Communications: 0 / 10 km ground, 100 km air
Perks: Autopilot (AUX), Audio System (AUX), Backup Communications, Emergency Power Surge (Rating 2, AUX), High-Capacity Computer, Searchlight (fixed floodlights, 100m range, AUX), Stealth (Rating 4, AUX), Trideo Linkup (onboard audio/video equipment, AUX) Flaws: Annoyance - Emergency Power Boost only provides bonus to movement ("turbine boost"), Cannot Glide, Maximum Ceiling (5 km)
Defects: None Lemon Dice: 2

Name: Eagle Production Code: TF-07 Mk IV
Origin: International Lunar Finance Commission Manufacturer: same
Type: Multipurpose transorbital freighter Role: Transport, reconaissance, medical support
Control System: Standard Cockpit Length: 31 m
Width: 12.5 m Empty Weight: 118 tons
Loaded Weight: 268 tons Main Drive: 12 MW
Powerplant: 1850 KW Main Thrusters: 4 x 75,000 kg (main thrust), 4 x 25,000 kg (lift)
Apogee Motors: 20 Flight Speed: 1200 kph
Acceleration: 1.5 g Onboard Sensors: Fire Control Radar, Infrared/Ultraviolet, Lidar, Magnetometer, Microwaves, Radcounter, Telescope
Fixed Armament: 2.5 Mj laser Additional Armament: 4 x space-to-space missiles
Defensive Systems: Mag screen Equipment: Reentry system

Mission Module Specifications
Length: 11.3 m Width: 6.18 m
Empty Weight: 30 tons Loaded Weight (max): 150 tons
Main Thrusters: 4 x 25,000 kg (lift) Apogee Motors: none
Flight Speed: Towed by Eagle Onboard Sensors: Infrared/Ultraviolet, Lidar, Magnetometer, Microwaves, Radcounter, Telescope
Fixed Armament: None Additional Armament: None
Defensive Systems: Mag Screen Equipment: Reentry System

The material in this vehicle sheet was developed from Roberto Baldassari's Ultimate Eagle Blueprints, and Roberto was generous enough to provide the images you see here. The blueprints are very well done and great to look at; if you happen to find a set, I highly recommend picking it up.

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