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Between December 1998 and January 2004, I had the great pleasure to be a part of APAGear II, an Amateur Press Association for fans of Heavy Gear. The feedback I received from my submissions to APAGear played a great part in the development of my writing skills. I and other members were also able to contribute directly to the Heavy Gear setting, both individually through various publications and as a group through the creation of the Spaceship Compendium volumes.

For various reasons, however, APAGear II closed as of the January 2004 issue (Volume 6, Number 1). I decided to take the opportunity, then, to rewrite my submissions and post them here, both to fix problems with specific articles and to improve the articles as a whole.

New material will be posted from time to time. Stay tuned.

Terra Nova
· "The City of Three Ravines" · "Something Old, Something New"
· "The Spirit of St Louis, Part 1" · "The Spirit of St Louis, Part 2"
· "The Spirit of St Louis, Part 3" · "The Spirit of St Louis, Part 4"
· "A Second Chance" · "Prices of Duty, Part 1"
· "Prices of Duty, Part 2" · "Prices of Duty, Part 3"
· "Hong Kong Crusaders Timeline, Part 1" · "Hong Kong Crusaders Timeline, Part 2"
· "A Glimpse of Armageddon" · "Homecoming"
· "Grey's Longlegs" · "Phoenix"
· "The Show Goes On" · "Serious Profession"
· "Welcome to Gomorrah" · "The Little Things"
· "Black Talon OPREP Yotaka" · "Home, Sweet Home"
· Non-Player Character: Jacob Sanlander · Heavy Gear Equipment Catalog Author's Notes
· Adventure Seed: "An Oldie, But A Goodie" · Campaign Notes: "Filling In Gomorrah"
· Non-Player Character: Emily-2165

Star Wars D6

The Star Wars Roleplaying Game from West End Games is another of my favorite systems, and I had an idea recently that would take advantage of another universe I really enjoy:

· Harry Potter, Jedi Knight

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